Reasons Why to Hire an Ice Cream (Gelato) Cart for your Wedding

1. Everyone loves Ice Cream (Gelato) – You can almost guarantee that no matter where or when you get married, Ice Cream or as we like to say Gelato will go down a treat with your guests because it’s all year round favourite. And no problem if someone is looking for a non-dairy option we have that covered too, with a choice of sorbet and non-dairy flavours.

2. Our cart can be personalised – We have an authentic Chalk Board which you can have emblazoned with your names and the date of your wedding or we can list your flavour choices making it easier for everyone to see the scoops available.

3. You get to choose the Ice Cream (Gelato) flavours – Choose up to four different custom made flavours for you and your guests to enjoy. We have a wide range of flavour suggestions, but you are in control, if your favourite flavour is Honeycomb or if something more unique like Jawbox Gin & Ginger hits the spot we got you covered. We love experimenting with new flavour combinations so if you don’t see your favourite on our flavour list just get in touch and let us custom make your flavour choice.

4. It’s something a little different – Those who are already married probably didn’t think to do it on their wedding day, so it will certainly be a talking point among your guests.

5. You’ll become trend setters – If your guests who aren’t married yet enjoy their Ice Cream treat they are sure to consider adding it for their future guests to enjoy too. But everyone will remember who had the idea first.

6. It will make for a great photo opportunity – A photo of the bride and groom enjoying their first scoop of ice cream/gelato together- it doesn’t get more album worthy than that! Guests can get snap happy too once the important shots are out of the way.

7. It’s a novelty – Of course you could have the venue serve ice cream for dessert but its simply just not the same as having it served from an artisan ice cream cart.

8. It works well in all seasons – Don’t think its only for summer weddings! Of course in the summer the ice cream cart can give the feel of an outdoor fete or garden party, but in autumn/winter it’s something you can indulge in by the fire. We have even introduced some seasonal flavour options to get those taste buds going. There’s no reason to exclude a chilled dessert just because it’s cold outside- Ice cream sales go up in the winter- so that tells you everything you need to know!

9. It’s a fun dessert – If you’re getting married in an expensive hotel that charges the earth for individual desserts for everyone, this can be a fun alternative that doesn’t break the bank. We are happy to come along at your drinks reception after your service and before dinner or equally book us to come along for dessert time or at your evening reception.

10. It’s nostalgic – Most of your guests will have a favourite ice cream shop they frequented on their holidays as a child or enjoyed ice cream from the truck that stopped in their street. Ice cream brings up memories of happy childhood moments and indulgences.

Autumn/Winter Wedding Flavours

Ice Cream Cart for Hire Autumn/Winter Wedding Specials

It’s never too cold for gelato. We have launched our Autumn/Winter flavour suggestions to give some seasonal options alongside our existing flavour list. When hiring our ice cream/gelato cart you get to choose four different flavours for your guests to enjoy. You have plenty of time to decide, a £50 deposit secures your date and the rest of the details can be discussed closer to the event. We are available for hire during the colder months, if you’re curious send us an enquiry.

Gelato at the Galgorm

Ice Cream Cart at Galgorm

Despite the rain and a last minute switch to the Galgorm we had a great time serving our artisan gelato to our couples guests. Honeycomb, Lemon & Meringue, Kinder Bueno and Peppermint Chip all went down a treat. When hiring an Ice Cream Cart the weather is definitely something to keep in mind however most venues have plenty of accommodating space for all your guests and the Ice cream cart to keep dry and enjoy a scoop or two.